Get to know AfterJam

Natalie Griffiths

Supporting the AfterJam guys on their first big UK Event in February 2018 was just the start. Since then we have gone on to officially sponsor The AfterJam dry slope event and partner with them to launch their first ever ski trip this July. Expect big name riders, glacier shredding and lots of sunshine!  Let’s find out a bit more about the founders…

WL: How did AfterJam start?

AJ: In case you were unaware, there are two AfterJam owners – Nate and Sam. We met out in Val Thorens when we were first getting a taste for season life. By 2016 both of us had ended up back in England, yearning for the seasonaire lifestyle while trying to avoid the annoying responsibilities life kept throwing at us.

Having both ski’d on the university scene in the UK, we quickly realised there was a gap in the market for a brand with the image we wanted to portray and putting on the events that we wanted to go to. So we figured best way to fill this gap was create a brand ourselves, after about half a years’ worth of planning AfterJam was created! 

WL: Val Thorens is one of our clients favourite resorts, what did you like best about it during your time there? 

AJ: One of our favourite things about VT was the seasonaire community, whether you were looking to go for a ski or a drink there were always mates about. It didn’t matter if you were working for a tour operator or a bar, everyone ends up knowing everyone by the end of the season, it makes for some awesome events and gives you a vibe you can be hard pushed to find in other resorts.

It’s also such a snow-sure resort, being that high up you’re pretty much guaranteed snow – with its links to Meribel and Courchevel, VT is in an absolutely prime location so it can be hard to find faults. Also, we should mention the bars again, there are so many awesome après spots, pubs and clubs to get pretty loose at. 

afterjam trip t’s are available for all groups

WL: What do you look for in ambassadors? 

AJ: So many different things. We like it if ambassadors can bring something unique to the table. If they’re good shredders that’s an instant win, beyond that we look at each applicant on an individual basis and see what they could bring to the team!

Things which could definitely help an application stand out would be; a decent social media presence, ski resort experience, season work experience, links to student snowsport committees and familiarity with the industry. These would all be a bonus! 

WL: What inspired you to start your own UK snowsports event The AfterJAM? 

AJ:There were some big factors leading to this decision, if we’re honest, we thought the student UK snowsports calendar looked a little bleak, there are highlights throughout the year for sure, but there wasn’t enough to get excited about in our eyes.

As we’re trying to spread the way of life and the joys of freestyle culture throughout the UK we thought launching our own event would be the perfect way to do this. Seeing this as an event that student snowsports was in need of, we were able to combine two of our biggest passions rather easily – going for a ski and having a beer. 

We both have a lot of event experience so designing more or less our perfect day was actually just something we loved doing. With it being such a success these first two years, we have big plans to mix things up next year and really cement the event in people’s diaries for years to come. We sold out of tickets a month in advance this year so hopefully next year the clubs that missed out will be able to grab them early and secure a spot! 

WL: What are the most rewarding aspects of your company? 

AJ: It has to be seeing the finished product after months spent working on a project. We work on every aspect of the business ourselves, whether it is website design, product development or event management, we are involved at every stage so when new product is released or successful events are wrapped up it can be massively rewarding. 

WL: Apart from the fact that we’re all pals, why do you like working with Wasteland?

AJ:It’s not just working with Wasteland we are fans of, being able to work with their clients on a continuous basis is also extremely fun. We make it no secret that we enjoy getting rather loose at après, amongst other locations, and students always seem pretty keen to get on board with this. The events that the WE management team put on as well are an absolute spectacle so being involved with those is always unreal. 

AJ: What’s next for you guys? 

We have a couple of very sexy weeks out in resort during April co-hosting Jibworx events for WE groups NUSSC and UBSC. 

Following on from that we’re moving into summer and along with Wasteland, Roam and Jibworx, we’re running a huge week out in L2A – The AfterJam Freestyle
Camp. You can expect a week of shredding the glacier with daily coaching from our sponsored riders and afternoon/evening beers to bring the holiday vibe. 

The trip will end with a Jibworx competition and we honestly can’t wait for this week to go down. Last year we went out to the L2A summer park for a week and have been itching to get back, we’ve never experienced a resort like it. It’s open to everyone so get a gang together and save your place.