George Hailstone, Palatinalps

Palatinalps decided to move to Wasteland for our January 2019 trip to Les Deux Alpes, and we are overjoyed that we made the leap. They very quickly understood the intricacies of Durham, its vibe, and the Palatinalps trip, which made the transition incredibly smooth. Most importantly for us, our events have really gone up a notch with the on-hand support from the Wasteland Events team, who worked with us to really take our events production to the next level, and also on our behalf to secure the best value for our passengers. The quality of Wasteland’s partners were a huge boost to the trip, whether that was Prefitted, Bongo’s Bingo, but especially when it came to videography to make our marketing and aftermovie the most popular yet. After a fantastic trip and great feedback from our passengers, we’re very much looking forward to our second year with Wasteland to make Palatinalps 2020 even better!