Resort Team Applications | It’s #MoreThanJustAJob

By August 30, 2017Season News

Every summer we start a very special process. The hunt for the next cohort of excitable, eccentric, hardworking and generally inspiring individuals to join our Resort Team for the following winter. This summer we’ve been accepting applications for those looking to join the team for Winter 2017-18.

So what makes the process so special? 

Easy, the people! Snowsports as an industry within the UK and Ireland is made up of an incredible community of characters and we love to hear from hundreds of them year in year out who are excited to work for us! Every year we are blown away by the level of response we receive, the calibre of applicants and the strength of personalities that want to take full advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Alongside all the important information that comes with the territory of a job application, we like to open up the playing field to more than just skills. That’s why our application includes a “Weird & Wonderful” section where we put a series of more bizarre questions and scenarios to allow people to show us their personality, humour and generally have a bit more fun in the process!

Love Island 2017 | 2.79 out of 5

Yes that’s right, we’ve been asking applicants to rate this summer’s season of Love Island. Why you ask? Well we had to know who would be in on the gossip and who to avoid mentioning it to! Turns out it was a pretty even split…

Skiers outnumber boarders 3 to 1 

It’s useful for us to know who favours what for planning the equipment hire that we provide in resort. As an office that has a 50:50 boarder skier split, the boarders among us aren’t happy we’re currently outnumbered!

Watch the video here

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