Travel Connected

 Introduced for the 2016-17 Season, we launched our official mobile app and man were we excited! Years in the making, we took our time ensuring that what we launched was a versatile, dynamic and user friendly app that enhanced your experiences before, during and after travelling with us.

With this latest addition to our toolbox, your entire booking is now ready at your finger tips! From reviewing your holiday package and adding optional extras through to checking the itinerary for your week and a handy checklist of things to take with you! Since its launch we haven’t sat around patting ourselves on the back, we’ve continued to work, develop and improve the features to continuously ensure we are delivering the highest quality service in the palm of your hand. There are resort maps, info on accommodation buildings, venues and hire shops. All completely tailored to your individual booking with us!

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Works offline!

No data connection required for 90% of the features. Only E-Commerce and push notifications require active data. Event the maps are GPRS.

All Options

Full booking and options confirmation breakdown so you can see exactly what you’ve booked at any time.

Complete Itinerary

Full trip itinerary board with everything from arrivals and hire collection to lessons, apres and evening events.


Integrated shop that allows you to purchase everything from trip merch to event tickets.

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