At Wasteland we’re here to make sure all of your questions are answered and you don’t need to worry about a thing. If there’s still something you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Booking & Payment

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my booking?

You will first of all need to confirm in writing to that you would like to cancel your booking, the following charges will then apply:

Period before Departure Date.

Cancellation Charge



42 days or more

Loss of Deposit

41 28 days

60% Total Holiday Cost

27 14 days

80% Total Holiday Cost

13 days or less

100% Total Holiday Cost


We have charges in place for booking changes for two reasons. Firstly it is to discourage people to make changes leading to a potentially less efficient operation in resort and secondly because we base the charges on the administration time and supplier order charges that we consider reasonable.

The charges are clearly indicated on both the Terms and Conditions and on the booking page itself so make sure you get your booking right first time round!

Details of charges can be found on your booking page and in our Terms and Conditions.


I have paid my deposit for the trip, when do I need to pay the balance?

Once you have booked online, your balance is due 42 days before travel and payments can be made online via your account at If your balance is not paid by this deadline then we will contact you regarding payment. If you are having problems making your payment, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you.


My card is not working on the booking page

Please check through the following points (we know they sound stupid but it is often something very simple)

– Is your billing address correct?

– Have you selected the correct card type?

– Have you entered your card number correctly?

– Have you entered a valid starting/expiry date and they are in the correct boxes?

– Have you entered your CVV correctly? (the last three digits on the back of the card)

– Have you mixed up the issue number and the CVV number?

– Have you checked that your bank has not blocked your card for some reason?

– Have you checked with your bank that there is not a problem your daily spend limit?

– Is it a card we accept? Is the symbol of your card displayed on our payment page?


Please note we do not accept Irish Laser card.

If you are still having problems, please email us at


How do I change the name on the booking?

NOTE: Name changes can only be made to a booking up until 22 days prior to departure. In order to make a name change, you and your friend first have to confirm the change in writing to, following the guidelines below:

–          Original booker to email with the existing booking reference and the new person’s full name, email address, mobile number, next of kin name and contact details. Please copy in the person wishing to take the place.

–          The secondary booker then needs to reply all stating they agree that they will be taking the place.
Please note that there will be a £55 admin fee and any money already paid on the booking will be left to sort out between yourselves. Any changes that need to be made to the booking are also subject to the change fees found in our Terms and Conditions.
Any insurance booked is non-transferable and the new person must ensure that they are insured to travel directly. Following the above you will be advised on what to do next. When the damage deposit gets returned, it will be returned to the original booker’s card. Please note that it is not Wasteland’s responsibility to coordinate this on your behalf.


I’ve requested a new password for my online account but haven’t received anything?

Please make sure you have looked in your junk folder. The email address in which the new password is sent it from .
Please also ensure you use an active email address and its the same one you used to set up your online account. If you are continuing to have problems, please email -.

I’ve requested a new password for my online account but haven’t received anything?

Please make sure you have looked in your junk folder. Please also ensure you use an active email address and it’s the same one you used to set up your online account. If you are continuing to have problems, please email –

Booking Changes

Changes made 42 days or more from your Departure Date:
– Changes to component elements such as ski hire, ski school, others extras, events or excursions can be amended free of charge by logging into your holiday account online.
– Changes to major elements of your packages such as accommodation or transport may not always be possible and must be requested by If changes are possible you must pay an Amendment Charge of £30 per change, in addition to any Additional Supplier Costs. We will notify you in advance of any Additional Supplier Costs that will be charged.

Changes made between 41 days and 22 days from your Departure date:
– Changes to component elements such as ski hire, ski school, others extras, events or excursions will incur an Amendment Charge of £25 per change.
– We may not charge you an Amendment Charge for an upgrade you wish to make, depending on the upgrade. We will advise you at the time of your request if an Amendment Charge is payable and you can then decide whether you want to go ahead with the upgrade or not.
– Changes to major elements of your packages such as accommodation or transport may not always be possible and must be requested by emailing; if changes are possible you must pay an Amendment Charge of £50 per change, in addition to any Additional Supplier Costs. We will notify you in advance of any Additional Supplier Costs that will be charged.

From the 21st day before the Departure Date, all package elements will be frozen and no changes will be possible except in the circumstances provided for in condition 5.5.
For full list of booking option amendments and cancelations please see our terms and conditions

Ski Lessons

As we explain on the booking page, we can only run lessons if there are a sufficient number of people who have chosen the same lesson type. In the extreme case that the lessons you have booked are unable to go ahead due to group size or unforeseeable circumstances; we will inform and advise you on options available. Of course if you decide that you don’t want to go ahead with the options we offer, then we will refund you for your lessons.

What happens once I book my ski/board lessons?

Once you book your ski/board lessons via our booking page you will receive a Ski/Snowboard Lesson Voucher from us a couple of weeks before your trip detailing lesson time, dates, group number and meeting point. Please print off or have saved on smartphone this Ski/Snowboard Lesson Voucher and take it with you to your lesson so it is easier to organise you into groups.

Pre-Fit Equipment & Clothing Hire

FAQs – also available on our website here  

For any direct questions please contact Pre-Fit on or call us on 01242 268173

  1. 1.       When and where do I get pre-fitted for our ski/snowboard equipment and clothing?

Your group fitting event will be taking place a couple of weeks before your trip. Check your Wasteland Ski booking page for the date that we will be on site to fit all of your booked options before you head off on your Trip. To book your Pre-Fit slot please follow your booking page instructions.

Once your booking is complete you will receive confirmation of your fitting date and time slot so all you need to do is come down and meet our team.

We even bring a pop up shop to you for all of the holiday extras you might require – look out for discounts specific to your group!!

  1. 2.       When will the fitting take place?

Your Pre-Fit fitting event will take place no later than 10 days before you travel. You can book your fitting time slot when you book your trip so that you can plan ahead. We will remind you with an email 2 days before your fitting and a text message on the day of your fitting.

  1. 3.       I have never been skiing/snowboarding before. How do you know what equipment I will need?

The Pre-Fit team are all trained fitters and experts in ski and snowboard equipment provision. As well as fitting each group member with the right technical equipment, we can also advise you on ski wear to best suit your needs. We provide kit suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced

  1. 4.       What happens if I miss my fitting appointment?

We recommend that you don’t miss out on Pre-Fitting your equipment. This will save you lots of time when you arrive in resort. If for any reason you need to reschedule/can no longer make your appointment please let the office or team at your fitting event know ASAP (Call: 01242 268173) We may be able to provide you with a new fitting time, but CANNOT guarantee this! If for whatever reason you are still unable to attend, we will still send you an equipment voucher but you will have to go through the usual process of equipment collection when you arrive in resort. Take your blank voucher to the hire shop and queue for a fitting in resort as usual.  Unfortunately, this will only take place after all the Pre-Fit customers have been served.

For other rental items, we will not be able to dispatch your clothing, helmet or GoPro camera if you do not attend your fitting to sign your terms of rental and to verify your postal address.

Finally you will be missing out on our great retail shop for you to visit on the fitting day!

  1. 5.       Can I upgrade my Equipment or Clothing package?

Of course! Up to 4 weeks before your holiday you can amend this yourself on your Wasteland Ski booking page by logging in and adding and paying for any new/upgraded options. After the 4 week deadline and before your holiday and fitting event has taken place, you will need to do one of the following:

  1. Contact Wasteland Ski directly on or 020 8246 6677 to amend this to your booking OR
  2. Attend your Pre-Fit fitting and add any required equipment and pay for this on the day of your fitting

At your fitting the Pre-Fit team can advise you on your equipment options and how to get the best out of your kit.

The only exception to upgrades is if you have selected the Wasteland Ski beginner’s package of equipment hire and lessons. This is specifically designed for beginners and therefore you will not need an upgrade nor will it be possible.

  1. 6.       How and where do I pick up my equipment?

As you have selected to Pre-Fit your Equipment hire (skis, snowboards, etc) this will be ready and waiting in a Hire Shop close to your accommodation when you arrive.  You will receive a text message with the time slot to collect your equipment and your Wasteland Ski reps will be on hand to direct you to your Hire shop.

Please ensure you take your equipment voucher with you as this will be required to collect your kit. This will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly in resort.

  1. 7.       What if I lose my voucher?

Make sure you print your voucher or have it readily available on your smart phone and take it with you on your trip. You will require this to collect your equipment from the hire shop. If you don’t have your voucher you might find you are delayed in collecting your equipment which defeats the object of the Pre-Fit service.

  1. 8.       How and where do I get my clothing/extras rental?

After your fitting has taken place clothing, helmets and extra rental (GoPro cameras and mounts) are despatched no later than 10 days before you travel. These will be delivered to the postal address, specified and verified at your fitting, 3-7 days before you travel. You will have to sign for it. The price of postage is included within the cost of whichever package you have selected. We even include return postage so that when you get home you can pop it back in the packaging and return it to us at no extra cost. Whats more, you dont even have to worry about the laundry we take care of that too!

  1. 9.       Will I have to wait to collect/return my equipment when I arrive at our resort?

Your technical equipment (skis/board, boots and poles) will be waiting in the Hire shop when you arrive in the resort. This has been prepared in advance, so you can collect your kit straight away, you will receive a text message with the time slot to collect your equipment. Each arrangement is made individually to ensure youre on the slopes and enjoying your holiday without delay or hassle.

  1. 10.   What happens if my equipment is lost or damaged during our skiing trip?

As with all forms of equipment rental (Pre-Fit or not), you must pay a deposit for the ski or snowboarding equipment you hire. This is to cover you just in case there is a problem. Any rental equipment that is lost or damaged must be paid for at the full manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price. For this reason we highly recommend that you take out our ‘equipment waiver so that we will cover the cost of your equipment, subject to an excess. Also, check your travel insurance documents – some insurance companies include loss/damage to rental equipment.

  • With the Pre-Fit Waiver – Loss/Theft simply return to the shop and sign the paper work to confirm that your equipment has been lost /stolen. You will need to file a police report in resort within 24 hours of discovering the loss or theft and return this to Pre-Fit on your return to the UK. You will be given replacement equipment in resort and charged your excess only when you return to the UK (See Q.11 below).
  • With the Pre-Fit Waiver – Damages simply return to the shop and sign the paper work to confirm that your equipment has been damaged. The damage will be photographed to provide an independent record. We recommend you also take photographs of the damage for your records. You will then be given replacement equipment and charged your excess only when you return to the UK (See Q.11 below).
  • No Pre-Fit Waiver You will have the option to purchase a local insurance waiver through the hire shop when you collect your equipment, we highly recommend in doing this if you haven’t taken the Pre-Fit waiver. For lost/stolen equipment you will need to file a police report in resort within 24 hours of discovering the loss or theft and return this to the hire shop. If you have opted for the hire shop waiver you will be given replacement equipment and will be charged an excess for the lost/stolen or damaged equipment before you leave the hire shop on your last day. This must be settled in full before you depart resort!

If you do not take any form of equipment waiver you will be charged the full retail value for your lost/stolen or damaged equipment. In the case of loss or damage you should return to the shop to get a replacement set of skis and will be charged the full retail value for your equipment. This must be settled in full before you depart resort!

If you do not report loss/theft or damage to the ski hire shop you will be charged the full retail value.

  1. 11.   What is covered under the ‘equipment waiver’?

Your technical equipment (skis/board, boots and poles) is covered for loss/theft or damage and all you will have to cover is each necessary excess on return from your trip. (For skis or snowboards the excess is £75 – Bronze, £150 – Silver, £200 – Gold, with a separate excess of £100 for boots and £20 for ski poles) Other rental (clothing, helmets, GoPro camera and mounts) are NOT covered by the equipment waiver and will be charged up to the full retail price or 2 week’s rental, whichever is the higher!

  1. 12.   What happens if my equipment is not right or something goes wrong with my equipment during my trip?

We recommend you check your equipment when you collect it from the hire shop and flag any queries you have with the hire shop staff before leaving. If you do not highlight any problems before leaving the hire shop after collection, the hire shop may not recognise your claim in retrospect or are they obliged too. If you have a problem with your equipment in resort just head back to the hire shop the following morning after trying on your boots in a warm place and they will be able to provide you with a repair or replacement as usual.

  1. 13.   What happens if I forget to post my clothing and extras back?

We want to make life as easy as possible for you and provide information throughout your booking process on how to return your items. We also include the return packaging and postage within your clothing, helmet/extras delivery. If you do not manage to return your clothing/extras within 5 working days of returning from your trip we will have to charge you for an additional week’s rental. This will increase to the full retail price or a total of 2 week’s rental, whichever is the higher, if items are still not returned within 12 working days of return to the UK.

  1. 14.   How do I post it back?

The returns label is included within your parcel. Just attach it and drop your parcel at the closest Post Office to you – they will give you a tracking receipt to confirm proof of posting. Please keep this until your item has been delivered back to us (typically 48 -72 hours after drop off).

  1. 15.   What if I lose my returns label?

If you lose your returns label you can post your equipment through the Royal Mai at any Post Office.  A ‘Signed for’ delivery is recommended. Please ensure this is returned within 5 days to avoid a late fee. This will be at your own cost.

  1. 16.   What if I don’t receive my clothing on time?

All of our parcels despatched no later than 10 days before travel via a tracked service. They should be with you between 3-7 days before you travel. If you have not received your clothing 3 days before you leave for resort please contact our office and we will be able to trace your parcel. When your item is sent you will also receive a tracking email from us with your tracking number in, you can use this to monitor your parcels progress without contacting us too.

Please note it is your responsibility to call us if you have not received your items 3 days before you travel.

Call: 01242 268173


  1. 17.   What if I’m not in to receive my delivery?

Your item is sent out no later than 10 days before you travel on a tracked service. We use Royal Mail as they provide a fully tracked, 48 hour guaranteed delivery service. If you are not in on first delivery, Royal Mail will make a further 2 delivery attempts and leave a delivery card each time. This will advise you if they have left the item with a neighbour, will attempt a redelivery on another date or if/when available your item is available to collect from your local depot. From the first a delivery attempt it is then your responsibility to ensure you have your item before you depart on your holiday. If you do not collect/are not in for delivery after 3 attempts your item may come back to us automatically, at which point, without any liability we cannot guarantee another item before your trip.

  1. 18.   Is my clothing and extras rental covered in the equipment waiver?

Only your technical equipment is covered by the ‘equipment waiver’. This does not extend to your clothing, helmet or extras rental therefore make sure you take care of it and send it back on time. If your clothing/extras are lost or damaged, you will be charged the full retail price for these items on return to the UK. If we don’t receive your clothing/extras we will have to charge you for an additional week’s rental. This will increase to the full retail price, or a total of 2 week’s rental, whichever is the higher, if items are still not returned within 12 working days of return to the UK.

  1. 19.   Does Pre-Fit sell ski/snowboard clothing as well as hiring it?

You can use the Pre-Fit service to try before you buy. If you love your clothing/helmet/extras so much you dont want to send it back (and we hope you will!), you can buy it at the end of your holiday at a discounted rate. And because Pre-Fit only supplies the best quality clothing and equipment, its a great way to save money on this seasons kit. Just inform the office you’d like to keep your kit within 5 days of return from your holiday on 01242 268173 or email us at

Even if you aren’t hiring clothing we will be on your campus for a fitting event and you can select clothing from brands such as Bloc, Entirety, Mojo, Superfeet, Planks, Armada and many more!

  1. 20.   How do I pay for my equipment?

You pay for your equipment, clothing, helmet and extras when you book your trip with Wasteland Ski. It’s free to add equipment/make amendments to your booking online until at least 5 weeks before your trip or when specified online. After your booking deadline date, changes to your account may incur admin charges.

  1. 21.   What if I need to cancel my equipment, clothing or extras?

Please contact Wasteland Ski and they will inform us of any cancellations. You will be charged cancellation fees as per their Terms & Conditions. You can cancel options online up to 4 weeks before travel (unless otherwise stated). After this please contact Wasteland Ski on After your fitting please contact Pre-Fit in writing to make any changes to clothing or extras on


What happens once I select to purchase an insurance policy through Wasteland Ski?

Once you have purchased an insurance policy through Wasteland Ski, your policy number is your booking reference beginning with 10. You are able to log onto your booking at any stage online to check the policy you have bought. Two weeks before your trip you will receive an email from us with your policy number, emergency phone number and a link to download the policy.

I have a problem in resort and I need to speak to the insurance company, can the Wasteland reps do this for me?

If you need to speak to the insurers whilst on holiday, please do this directly. The insurers want to speak to you and you only! If you require any documentation to support a claim please email and we will send you details.

How Do I Claim?

For more information on how to claim and other, extremely useful information please see our Insurance Document

What else do I need to know?

Adequate and appropriate Travel Insurance is essential for your protection. Each member of your party must have either the Travel Insurance Policy we offer which is arranged by Rush Insurance and Underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities or another policy giving at least the same level of cover.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is adequate and appropriate for the particular needs of you and your party. If you do decide to make your own travel insurance arrangements, then it is a condition of this booking that you must forward a copy to us either by post, email or fax (fax number 0208 246 6982) as soon as practicable and in any event no later than seven days before your Departure Date. We are under no obligation to verify the adequacy of your insurance cover.


The EHIC can be used to cover any necessary medical treatment due to either an accident or illness within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EHIC entitles the holder to state-provided medical treatment within the country they are visiting. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they have an EHIC.

Please go to the EHIC website or any post office and take your National Insurance number or NHS number to complete the application.

The insurance that you purchase through us is non-refundable unless we consider it appropriate to refund the insurance premiums paid based on the terms and conditions of this booking.

Please note, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct details of your insurance policy on your ski trip. Reps are there to help but you are fully responsible for your safety and belongings, you agreed this at the time of booking.

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover medical costs, third party liability and cancellation charges. With this in mind, we have designed a policy that is suitable for our holidays and which can be purchased as part of your booking.

Please read our insurance Terms of Business which includes important information about our insurance services.

Click here for the full Policy Wording 

It is very important that you read and understand the following medical warranty.

1. Your policy does not provide cover in the event of

a) you having any known pre-existing medical condition or any recognised complication caused by the pre- existing medical condition or health condition that has been diagnosed, been in existence or for which you have received treatment from a hospital or specialist consultant during the last two years or for which you are awaiting or receiving treatment or under investigation unless we have agreed cover in writing and any additional premium has been paid. If you have pre-existing medical condition you should phone Travellers HealthCheck: 0845 6582 999 to see if cover is available. Travellers HealthCheck will confirm any special terms in writing.

b) you having been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

2. You will not be covered for any claim arising from a pre-existing medical condition of someone you were going to stay with, a travelling companion, a relative or a business associate.

3. You will not be covered if you travel against the advice of a doctor or where you would have been if you had sought their advice before beginning your journey.

4. You will not be covered if you know you will need medical treatment during your journey or you are travelling specifically to get medical treatment.

Please refer to the DISCLOSURE OF PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS section of your Policy Document (page 10) for details.

By making this booking by paying a deposit, you confirm that you understand that it is an express condition of the ETC & Wastelandski travel insurance policy that all insured passengers are residents of the UK, Channel Islands or member countries of the EEA (including Eire). A resident is a person who has had their main home in the UK, Channel Islands or member countries of the EEA and has not spent more than six months abroad in the year before buying this policy.

By making this booking and paying a deposit, you confirm that all the information entered above is correct and that you have read and understand our Insurance Policy Wording , insurance Terms of Business and the Wasteland Ski booking which can be found at the end of this booking process. A copy can also be requested from

Visa & Passports

Do I need a valid passport to travel to France?

You require a valid passport to travel to France. Please make sure that you have your passport handy inside the coach – you will not be the most popular person if the whole of the coach’s hold has to be unloaded to get your passport!

For any further information, please visit the Foreign Office website

What happens if I am a non-EU citizen?

If you are a non-EU citizen then you are likely to require a visa to travel to France. If you require a letter for your visa application or have any other questions regarding visas, please contact us at For further travel information, please go to Please read carefully our notes on insurance as non-EU citizens may not be covered. If this is the case please ensure you have the necessary insurance cover to travel.

What is an EHIC card and do I need one?

Your EHIC lets you get state health care at a reduced cost when abroad. It is not however an alternative to insurance and insurance must be purchased prior to travelling with Wasteland. There is the option to purchase insurance via your account on the booking page To apply for an EHIC card, please visit the NHS website


Will I be able to choose who I go on the coach with?

Four weeks before the trip, we give the room sizes and details to your group leader. It is then your group leader who organises people into the different rooms (unless otherwise stated on your booking page). We then take these room lists and plan the coaches around these and also the pickup points people have selected. Where possible, we put people who are in the same room on the same coach together too. However it is not always possible if people have selected different pickup points and times. We then put together all the travel information from the coach lists and send it out to the group.

I only need a coach seat one way, what should I select on the booking page?

In order to book a coach seat for one leg of the journey only, you need to select the relevant option.  For example, if you are wishing to make your own way out there but require a drop off in campus, you need to book the CAMPUS PICK UP OPTION.  This will then book a place for you on the coach.  There is no discount for one way travel as we are still booking you a seat and it will be empty one way.  You will then receive a travel itinerary approx 2 weeks before the trip and if your group is a coach group, you will have been allocated a coach number and pick up time.  Please reply to this stating you will not be boarding on the outbound leg (as an example) and we will remove you from the outbound coach lists.  Your seat will then be available for the travel back to the UK and you will be on the return coach lists.

When will I find out the travel arrangements?

At least two weeks prior to departure you will receive an E-Ticket detailing everything that you might ever need to know, in other words departure date, departure time, pick up point, coach number, arrival date and arrival time. Please print off or have saved on your smart phone this E Ticket so you have all the details to hand.

I have received my E Ticket with my coach number on, can I change coaches?

Once you have been assigned to a coach, you cannot change coaches. This is primarily because we need to know exactly who is on which coach for safety reasons but also because reps in resort will be making preparations for your arrival based on your initial coach allocation.

I am flying/taking the Eurostar to/from resort, when do I get my ticket?

If you are flying/taking the Eurostar to/from resort and the travel has been organised by Wasteland then either your group organiser or Wasteland Rep will give you your ticket. Please ensure the name on your booking is the same as it appears on your passport – no nicknames!

Are there any rules that I need to follow on the coach?

There are the following rules that you need to adhere to on the coach:

–          No smoking

–          Drinking alcohol is at the discretion of the drivers in the UK, it is however against the law on French roads. If anybody is considered to be ‘unfit for travel’ during any part of the coach journeys, the drivers have complete authority to refuse boarding or re-boarding at any stage of the journey there and back.

–          You are fully responsible for your own behaviour and poor behaviour on coaches/ferries will not be tolerated and we are within our rights to refuse you travel.

–          Please be respectful towards coach drivers. Imagine being in their position, driving for hours with lots of noisy and excited students!

Will I need my phone?

We advise that you have a mobile phone that works in France with you. Wasteland Ski sends SMS texts throughout the week with updated information, important emergency phone numbers and insurance information (If applicable).
We use the mobile number you provide on your account to get in contact with you in emergencies so please make sure your account is updated with the correct telephone number.

To check your phone will work abroad please contact your mobile phone supplier

I am going to drive out to resort, is there anything I need to know?

It is now the law to carry the following in France: insurance documents, valid passport, driver’s licence, registration documents, GB sticker, warning triangle, beam converters, breathalyser and high vis vests. We also recommend having snow chains in case the weather is bad getting up to resort.

Can I be picked up and dropped off in different places?

It is possible to be dropped off in London on the way back from your trip instead of your campus (this may require you to change coaches). The Wasteland reps will ask you on your final day if you would like to take this option. You cannot however be dropped off on campus if you have been picked up from London on the way there.  Please note, the London drop off will be dependent on demand and most likely be Chafford Hundred, Hatton Cross or London Victoria although occasionally this may change- you will be advised in resort.  We will always ensure where you are dropped off for the London drop off is near public transport routes for your ongoing journey so it is easy accesible.

We are unable to accommodate bespoke drop off requests- this is simply for the reason that if we said yes to everyone, the coach would have to stop every 100 metres and noone would ever get home!

Please note, we are often asked what the route of the coaches will be but we are unable to state this as it is very dependent on the day.


Can’t get the coach out?  Or chosen to get yourself there? See below for travel options:


If you do decide to give the self drive option a go, please make sure you read our very important guidelines which will make your driving experience as hassle free as possible!

IMPORTANT things to note

First things first: get your car ready.

Make sure your car is in a fit state to drive the many miles- check it with your local garage to be safe.

You can ask them specifically to give the car a Winter service

Pack the following kit (note it is illegal to drive in France without certain items from the following).

  • High vis vest per passenger
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlight converters
  • Snow chains
  • First Aid Kit
  • A shovel!

Secondly: have you got the necessary paperwork?

  • Vehicle registration document?
  • Breakdown cover and the details?
  • Proof of insurance?
  • Driving licenses?
  • Passports which are valid?
  • Any visa documents required?
  • If you do not have the necessary paperwork and you are asked for it, you could incur some hefty fines so be prepared!
  • Plan your route- use search engines such as the AA route planner to ensure you know where you are going!

Next decision: are you going to get the ferry or the Eurotunnel?  The Eurotunnel trains take about 35-40 minutes and go from Folkestone to Calais.  As far as convenience and timing goes, the Eurotunnel wins hands down.  However, it may sometimes be cheaper to take the ferry and more convenient for you.  For example, on the ferry crossing there are facilities to entertain the kids or the opportunity to sit down and have a meal.

When you are abroad, the next thing is remembering to DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!  So many times, people forget this when pulling out of a petrol station or junction- do not forget!

The rules and regs of driving in France are very similar to those at home and common sense to most if us e.g. wear seat belts, do not drink drive, do not use your mobile phone etc.

One thing to note that does differ in France is the changeable speed limits subject to weather conditions- look out for these to avoid being stung for 100+euro fines!  If you are ever unsure, stick to the lower speed limit stated on the road signs.

Please remember that if you are driving in Switzerland and using the motorway bypass, you will have to purchase a Vignette.  Alternatively you can drive a longer way around to access the French motorway but it can be time consuming!  You can buy a Vignette online or from the customs check point en route.

When you stop for petrol, remember to check Diesel or Petrol?  Diesel is Gasole and Unleaded Petrol is Sans Plomb.  It’s a pricey error to fill up with the wrong fuel (trust us- we have been there!) and so make sure you check carefully before filling up.

THE KEY IS FORWARD PLANNING- do the prep before you get in the car and you will love the self drive option!

When you get to the snowy conditions, it is necessary to note the following on how to drive in such weather:

  • Snow chains= common sense
  • Use high gears to avoid wheel spin
  • Drive slowly and safely
  • Keep your fuel topped up
  • When driving on difficult uphill slopes, try not to stop and try to keep moving forward even at snail’s pace as this will hopefully help you to keep unstuck!

When you get to resort, it is always best to try and park underground/ inside car parks but this luxury is not always available or affordable so if you do have to leave your motor outside, take heed of the following tips:

  • Lift your windscreen wipers away from the screen to present them freezing to the window and damaging the glass.
  • Leave your car in gear and the handbrake off to prevent it from freezing
  • Do not forget where you left your car- it will be hard to find if a meter of snow falls!
  • Check the local parking regulations.  The Police Municipal are quick to toe those cars parked illegally and this will definitely cut deeply into your holiday spending to get the vehicle back!


  • There are many flight options to the alps.  This year most of the flight routes from airports outside of London have been cut and so these options are both limited and expensive.
  • Flights generally take around 1.5 hours to any airport in the alps.
  • The low cost airlines are the cheapest usually, however BA and Aer Lingus do have good offers now and again.
  • Check ski carriage options: on easyjet, any sized baggage upto 20kg can be booked on as luggage i.e. if you can fit all your stuff into a ski bag for the weight then there is no need to buy extra ski carriage.  This is not the case for all of them and some charge extortionate amounts for ski carriage. Some may have offers to include it at times.
  • The airports to fly to are: Geneva, Chambery, Lyon and Grenoble (and Turin for Risoul)
  • Geneva has the largest options of flights available at different times, but is the furthest airport from most resort except Avoriaz and port du Soleil region.
  • You will need to get a transfer from the airport to resort.  There are many companies that operate transfers in the alps as well as public buses. At Geneva and Lyon there is a train station in the airport which will take you to any large interchange to get a bus up the mountain.
  • At every airport there is a tourist information desk that will inform you of how to get to your resort.  There is no discount for booking early and you will be fine to buy on the spot rather than pre book.
  • Standard transfer time from an airport = 2 4hrs.
  • You may have to change buses / trains to get to your resort.

We hope you have found this helpful.  We are always open to feedback and if there is anything missing that you think would be helpful for us to include here, let us know and we will add it!

Drive safe and we look forward to seeing you in resort


I am flying/taking the Eurostar to/from resort, how much luggage can I take?

Luggage allowance for people taking the Eurostar/flying will be confirmed by your group organiser when the travel has been organised by Wasteland.

How much luggage can I bring with me on the coach?

We understand that it is important to bring your kit out with you to resort, but please don’t bring excessive amounts of luggage as it just causes delays in loading. Please adhere to the following baggage limits:

One medium sized case (max 20kg) OR one dufflebag/rucksack up to 80 litre (max 20kg)

AND one small piece of hand luggage (inside the coach)

We recommend bringing a soft bag as it makes packing the coach a lot easier!

Can I bring my own skis/board with me?

Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own skis/board with you, but you will be asked to pay an own equipment charge of £10 for snowboard/ski bags. You can do this via your account at If you do not select this option and bring along a ski/board bag then we cannot guarantee that there will be space on the coach for it and you will still be charged for it. This extra charge is to cover the cost of the extra space/weight required.

Do I need to pay the Own Equipment Charge if I am bringing ski/board boots but hiring the skis/board in resort?

To avoid paying the Own Equipment Charge if you are just bringing ski/board boots with you, we suggest packing your ski/board boots in your hold luggage. Please remember that we have the following baggage limits:

One medium sized case (max 20kg) OR One dufflebag/rucksack up to 80 litre (max 20kg)

AND One small piece of hand luggage (inside the coach)

If you do bring a separate boot bag then you will need to pay the Own Equipment Charge, you can do this via your account at

Who is responsible for my luggage during the journey to and from resort?

You are responsible for your own luggage at all times. It is your responsibility to see that your luggage is loaded into the hold by the drivers both going there and back.


Do I need to bring a photo along with me for my lift pass?

All resorts now have electronic lift passes so do not require a passport photo.

Do I need to keep my lift pass receipt/ what happens if I lose my lift pass?

You will receive your lift pass along with a receipt on arrival in resort. You need to keep this receipt safe and in a separate place to your lift pass. If you lose your lift pass there is only a small charge to get a new lift pass if you have your receipt. If you lose both the lift pass and receipt then there is nothing we can do and you will have to buy a new lift pass.

We also recommend taking a photo of your lift pass in case you lose it as some people require this to replace the lift pass.

What do I do with my lift pass at the end of the week?

We encourage you to recycle your lift pass by putting them in one of the lift pass boxes around resort.


Do I need to bring linen with me to resort?

On your booking page it will state if there is linen included in your package. If you are unsure please check your booking or with your group organiser.

If it isn’t included then we recommend bringing a pillow case and a sheet/a sleeping bag. Blankets and pillows are provided in all apartments.

Do I need to bring a towel with me?

Towels are not provided so bring one with you!

How does the room allocations work if I am travelling in a large group?

If you are travelling in a large group, 3 weeks before the trip, you will be asked to either let your group leader know who you wish to share with or alternatively you will be asked to log onto our system and click yourself into a room with your friends (this is dependent on how your group leader chooses to do this).  As detailed at the time of booking, we allocate rooms to maximum occupancy in order to be able to provide you and your group with the cheapest possible base price.  The normal set up of a standard 4 man budget apartment would be a set of bunk beds in the corridor and a pull out double sofa bed.  There are also occasionally double beds- we allocate 2 people to a double bed.  If you would prefer not to share a bed with one of your friends, please email us immediately (at least 4 weeks before) and as detailed at the time of booking, we will give you the option of paying an empty bed supplement to guarantee you have your own single bed. It is important for us that your expectations are managed correctly pre travel- we kindly ask you to remember that you are booking a very low cost holiday and therefore the accommodation we provide you with, although great location and well maintained, isn’t a luxury hotel and is more somewhere for you to sleep, eat and change or as the saying goes ‘to put your head’.

When will we be able to get into our rooms once we arrive in resort/ when is checkout?

Wasteland reps do not receive the room keys to distribute until between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday afternoon. If your coach arrives early then we will endeavour to provide luggage storage for you when possible.

Checkout can vary dependant on resort and group however as a approximate we usually say around 5pm. These times are usually confirmed to you in resort a few days before departure. If you are making your own way out to resort we can offer the room for an additional night (Friday) where checkout will be 9am Saturday morning. To confirm an extra nights stay and for further details of this please email

Why do I need to pay a damage deposit?

Please see full terms and conditions regarding damage deposits within our terms and conditions. This can be found on our website, at the time of booking or by request to head office

Your damage deposit is pre-paid at the time of booking and will be returned to you within 8 weeks of your return from resort providing your apartment has been left in a suitable state, you will receive an email detailing this and any charges that have been charged.

PLEASE NOTE, if you choose to pay the group damage deposit as stated here, you are allowing Wasteland Ski to act on your behalf and facilitate this part of the process for you. By selecting this option, you understand that Wasteland Ski are the middle man and will simply pass on any charges (individual or group) to you from our suppliers. Please also note that if there are any communal charges, these will be split over the group. Wasteland Ski are not in a position to contest charges following departure and any contests must be provided in writing to Wasteland Ski head office (postal only) within 7 days of receipt of your damage deposit return email. Our appeal process will then be detailed on receipt of your contest.
Communal charges can be: Cleaning and damages to communal areas of residences, resort damages, deposit deficits for the group, extra security assistance and complaint fines i.e. Noise complaints, Agency management time

PLEASE NOTE, as per terms and conditions, if you are continuing with the group deposit, this will not be returned to you until 8 weeks post return to the UK (where possible, we will always do this sooner). You agree to not complain to Wasteland Ski directly or publically about this time as you understand by accepting the group deposit system that this is time needed to facilitate this. Following processing these deposits, it can take up to 14 days to show on your card dependent on your bank or card provider.
For those of you unsure how to leave your apartment, please note that the following should be done:

  • Beds stripped, sheets folded and returned (as advised)
  • Floors hovered
  • Fridge cleared and cleaned
  • Oven cleared and cleaned
  • Dishwasher empty
  • All dishes, crockery cleaned
  • Bathroom cleared and cleaned
  • WC cleared and cleaned
  • All surfaces wiped
  • All rubbish removed and put in the local Poubelle (bin to you and I!)
  • Keys returned to reps

On arrival in resort, there may be an inventory in your room. If so, this must be filled in and returned before 9pm on your day of arrival to the office or rep as stated on arrival. If you are unsure of who to return it to, ensure you speak to a senior rep or call the office number on 02082466677. Inventories returned after this time will be void and this will affect room checks and deposit returns.
The agencies can sometimes charge phenomenal amounts for cleaning and damage and in particular lost keys so make sure you use the above as a checklist to avoid losing any of your deposit.

For your information, reps cannot sign off rooms as ok only the agencies and suppliers have the authority to do this. Our reps can simply advise you on the above.

If you would prefer not to pay a deposit as a group and be treated as an individual, you will be asked by the residence on arrival to pay a cash deposit of up 250 euros per person (Wasteland Ski at this point are unable to have further dealings with this element of your trip and you are responsible for ensuring this is done correctly). If you prefer to do this,please let us know by emailing

Please note section 12 in our terms and conditions


Will food be provided during my trip?

Please have a look on your booking page to see whether food is provided. Often there is the option to buy different meal options which you can see via your account at

I have selected a meal option during my trip and I have a dietary requirement, who do I need to tell?

Dietary requirements must be added to your booking online at We will endeavour to provide for all, however in the event that we food the food would not be suitable for you then we will contact you.


How do I contact a Wasteland rep when in resort?

There is always a rep on call and you will see them wandering around resort in their lovely black Wasteland jackets. In your welcome pack there will be contact numbers if you have an emergency, if not you can see your reps at the following times:

–          A daily office hour

–          Daily room rounds

Information about both office hour and rep rounds will be given to you in resort.

Are there any rules to follow in resort?

There are a few things to remember in resort:

–          It is French law that there is no noise in communal areas after 10pm. This includes the corridors of your apartment building and any noise complaints may result in your group being asked to leave resort.

–          Drinking in the streets is strictly forbidden.

–          Drugs are obviously banned and are dealt with incredibly vigorously by the French authorities. Ferry companies will also check coaches and cars travelling through the ports. Wasteland operates a zero drug policy and reserves the right to remove you from resort.

–          Do not wear your ski boots in your residence, they are noisy and cause damage.

–          Do not leave rubbish in corridors.

Have you got any safety tips for on the slopes?

–          Dress appropriately and be warm

–          Allows follow guidelines given by the resort

–          Always be aware of avalanche risks

–          Never attempt anything you are unsure of

–          Never ski alone

–          Never ski off piste unless you have the insurance to do so

What happens if I get something stolen in resort?

You will need to go to the Gendarmarie in resort (it will be on your resort map) and report the crime to the police. They will then issue you with a report which you will need to claim on the insurance. Please note that Wasteland reps will be able to assist with directions and come along with you to the police but they are not able to report the incident.

What happens if there is a minor accident in resort?

Your reps will direct you to the local medical centre. You will need to give the insurance company a call about what you need to do payment wise.

What happens if there is a major accident in resort?

Call the emergency services and follow their advice. Alert a rep as soon as possible.

The emergency numbers are:

Major accidents/ambulance: 18

Local police: 17

Minor accidents (SAMU): 15

General European Emergency Contact Number: 112

What happens if my friend goes missing in resort?

Alert the head rep immediately. The emergency contact details will be in your welcome packs and on your residence notice boards.


Have you got any tips when gong to bars/clubs in the evenings?

Get to the bar before 9pm! The bars are busy over the season so the earlier you get there, the shorter the queues!

Will I need to bring fancy dress with me?

Your group organiser is in charge of social plans for the week so they will be in touch if you need to bring fancy dress out with you. When you are getting ready please be careful about causing damage to the apartments with fancy dress such as face paint – you don’t want to lose your damage deposit!

Have you got any safety tips for après ski?

–          Dress appropriately and be warm!

–          Drink responsibly

–          Always inform a Wasteland rep immediately if someone is missing


I am a beginner and I have a question, who do I contact?

We have put together a handy little beginner’s guide on our website that you can download Here . Alternatively, email us at


Why have I not been given all of my damage deposit back?

We ask trippers for a damage deposit when booking their trip to cover any damage to accommodation in resort. If you have not received all your deposit back, it is because there has been a room and/or communal charge deducted from your deposit. A communal charge is usually for the residence cleaning and any damage in corridors which is split proportionately over the group and deducted from your deposit. When you receive you damage deposit back you will receive an email to clearly state the reason for any deductions.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding damage deposits.


I am the group leader, will I get any additional information/help from Wasteland Ski

Yes! Once you come on board with Wasteland Ski we will provide you with the Committee Handbook aka Bible. And of course, if you have any questions just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.


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